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RD 1200
RD 1200 at Steel Construction / Shipbuilding

Because of the turnable cross-support, this automat can be used at all different kind of seam, V-shape seam with ceramical backing, corner welds, flat weldings or welding to the top.
3-axis unit with Teach-In function for long distance welds.
RD 1200

RD 1200 Long Distance Welds with Automatic Seam Tracking. RD 1200 Universal Welder

Because of the computer-controlled adjustment of all welding parameters, speeds, distance of weaver movements, an equable surface of welding is created. The automat works in all positions with the same movement parameters.
schweissen / welding
Naht / Seam
Teach-In Teach-In
At input of the Teach-In points, the side-adjustment is only limited because of the length of the weaver arm (max. 23,6 in). The automatically Teach-In is done in line mode and fast speed drive.

RD 500S
RD 500S Stiffener Welder

Special automat for welding of stiffener plates (shipbuilding). After input of the start- and endposition, all layers will be welded automatically. After every layer, the distance support drives upwards and the drive unit back to the beginning. At start of every following layer, the parameters of the next program are used. At the end of the last layer, the torch lifts off and the unit will wait.
3-axis unit for working in all positions.
RD 500S

RD 200/280 Welding Unit for surfacing of big plates

Very strong automat for working with long weaver arm and two torch-supports.
The unit welds layer beneath layer, till both plates are surfaced completely.
4-axis unit with arc controls and distance adjustments.

RD 280 Surfacing
RD 280 Surfacing RD 280 Surfacing

RD 500P Welding Automat for Surfacing at Pipelines

For repair of corrosion areas up to 2800*400 mm
RD 500P Pipeline Repair

... in all positions

RD 500P All Positions