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Welding Patterns

For V-shape and corner seams

Flexible patterns with or without dwell times

High frequency movement with different dwell times

Special Weaver pattern

for strongest seams.

For standard surfacing

Left or right side welding, along the input line, with computer controlled adjustment.
Multiple Area welding with different parameters. For every area, a different program can be used.
For repeated works, all Teach-In-Points are memorized with separate programs (P 0-20).

For deep Wear Out

W i t h c h a n g i n g w e a v e r d i s t a n c e s f r o m layer to layer.

For Hard Facing with fast oscillating layers

With different dwell times for best overlapping and vibration for fixing layers.
Multiple Areas can be filled automatically. To get a cold work piece, for every area,
a special Count Down Timer is used (0-10 Minutes).