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Quality Management

Especially in the range of the welding technology, the quality assurance and quality
preservation is a responsible task. Therefore, our quality management doesn't end already
after delivery of the machines, but accompanies the whole period of use. Because of highest
technical standards and the logical use of all possibilities, the expenditure remains low.

For the optimum integration in quality management systems, certain circumstances have to
be fulfilled. Important points are the ability for reproduction of the processes, the data interchange
with documentation and the cost-use-factor of the quality management.
Because of the problems (provable, objectivity) of the different management models,
special software for computer-aided quality assurance is used.

The software is part of the optional USB port for data transmission.

Program 'SurfaceCheck'

This program is a component
of our quality assurance and
final test for all machines.

A test protocol will be supplied
and can be used as reference
for later documentation.
All parameters should be fulfilled
after several operational years.

Just how the training and
continuing education of the welder,
this test should be done regularly.
Computer Aided Quality Assurance

A predefined surface with predefined movement
parameters, will be processed for 20 times
and the required time of every run is saved.

Even the smallest deviations in the
mechanics or electronics are recognized.
The whole test needs about 1 hour and runs

This diagram shows the needed time
for every pass. Deviations of 2 seconds
causes by mechanical load, more
as 2 seconds are not tolerated.

The motor-decoder-test shows possible
problems in the mounting of the decoders.
The signal consists of 4 steps, which
should be unambiguously recognizable.